adoption & foster care

To My Son

Two Years of Us

One Year (And Then Some)

Give Us Grace

Big Heroes, Little Heroes

A Year Measured In Love

Mother’s Day

The Problem With Biology

A Tale of Three Fathers

How Did You Do It?

What Do You Need?

The Airport (Coming Home)

Stories of Sorrow, Stories of Joy

The Next Stage of Waiting

The Phone Call

The Best Foster Care Movies

Still Waiting

A Season of Waiting

Adopt My Raffle

Marathoners 25-28

Marathoners 21-24.2

Marathoners 17-20

Marathoners 13-16

Marathoners 9-12

Marathoners 5-8

Our First Four Marathoners

Adopt My Run (An Update)

Adopt My Run!

Trip Update

When In Japan

God And the Brain And the Adopted Child (And All the Rest of Us Too)

The Best Adoption Movies

It’s a Process. A Long, Long Process

Process and Fundraising Update

Dear Birth Mother

Deeper FAQ$


Guess What…?