here it is folks, the winners of our raffle items! If you won a raffle item, we will be contacting your Marathoner to get your address and send you your awesome prize!

Smurf’s Art: Katie Becker

Bearded Brother Bars: Vanessa Ayub and David Swingle

Luke’s Locker Gift Card: Zari Akbar

Soma Massage Therapy Gift Certificate: Truett Nealey

Chili’s Gift Certificate: Helen Montesinos

Bookish Coffee: Pam McMullen, Nathan Wilson, and Michelle and Rich Stone

Key Fobs from Allie Kat Designs: Hailey Potter, Tricia Dealy, Heather Murrell, Amanda Chase, E.A. Vaughan

Scarves from Allie Kat Designs: Alana Finley and Grace Kelso

Sacred Arrow Bracelet with Peace and Calming Essential Oil: Vicky Smith

Signed MercyMe Cds: Jordan and Shauna Howard and Jay Carlson

Ceramics from Amanda Cochran: Bret Burkett, Cindy Smith,  and Jeanie Hutchinson

Earrings from Archer + Hare: Emily Franklin

There you have it, friends! Thank you again to all of our awesome friends/businesses who donated their items. We’ll be collecting them and sending them off to you lucky winners this week. Thanks for playing! 


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